“On Revolution Roads” exhibition tour – Križevci

EXHIBITION On Revolution Roads – Memorial Tourism in Yugoslavia
Friday | 17. March 2017 | 20:00 | Klub kulture Križevci 

Hosts: Nikola Ostojčić, Luka Baričević, Jelka Vukobratović
Guest: Lana Lovrenčić (Inappropriate Monuments, SF:ius)

The exhibition is a collective product of all the (In)approproate Monuments platform members. It developed from the research of memorial heritage, its management and  the question of its meaning today. The research focused on the attempts to develop memorial tourism in socialist Yugoslavia in which the monuments on PLS played very important role. Authors of the concept are Lana Lovrenčić and Milan Rakita. For this occasion, research team from the P.O.I.N.T. will give an overwiev of PLS monuments in area near Križevci.

The exhibition is organized by non-profit organization P.O.I.N.T as a part of Culture Shock Festival. Croatian tour of an exhibition is organized in cooperation with  Savez udruga Klubtura /  Clubture Network.

See you in Križevci!