“On Revolution Roads” exhibition opening in Ljubljana


Tanja Lažetić z Dejan Habicht, Pot spominov in tovarištva (PST, 100 fotografij, 2001; Ni spominov, ni tovarištva, 2006, video, 5′; Spominski kamni, 94 fotografij , 2008; Rdeče zvezde, fotografije in besedilo, 2008)

Moderna Galerija, Ljubljana, 18.6.2016. – 28.6.2016. 

The introduction of memorial tourism as a segment of tourism in socialist Yugoslavia is still an unresearched postwar phenomenon of the development of Yugoslav tourism that most definitely influenced the overall reception of Yugoslavia’s memorial and other heritage, especially its artistic, architectural, and urban-planning achievements. The introduction of monuments and memorial objects of the national liberation front as a product for tourists and the following commercialization of the symbolic as well as the historical and political dimensions of monuments dedicated to the national liberation struggle  impacted the mechanisms of monument protection and the management of then already existing monuments, including the concepts for future monuments to the liberation struggle and the different modes of their financing. The expression “memorial tourism” should be taken with a grain of salt//some reservation since it emphasizes the commercial function of the monuments to the socialist liberation struggle as their predominant trait, thereby ignoring the complexity of their historical-political background and their symbolic, social and political functions. This is precisely what the artists that joined this exhibition show us: all the different sides of dealing with what was once our common or shared heritage, both artistically and politically. Their questions and answers range from socialism to capitalism, revisionism, oblivion and/or the compulsion to remember, and even towards such supposedly simple things as sightseeing, traveling, the agony of waiting, etc. This exhibition has already been on view in Zagreb, Sarajevo, Kraljevo, and Belgrade. It is the first result produced by the partners joined in the international project Inappropriate Monuments and their outside collaborators.


The two-year international project Inappropriate Monuments will finish in 2017 with an exhibition dedicated to Slovenian monuments of the national liberation struggle. The exhibition will be prepared in collaboration with art history students from the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana.


Concept: Lana Lovrenčić, Milan Rakita

Organisation of traveling exhibition: Marko Jenko

Researchers: Tamara Buble (SF:ius), Barbara Drole, Jelena Grbić (GA), Elma Hodžić (HM BiH), Marko Jenko (MG+MSUM), Goran Janev (Levičarski Pokret Solidarnost, Skopje), Jelica Jovanović (GA), Mateja Kuka (SF:ius), Nenad Lajbenšperger, Nikola Puharić (SF:ius), Vladana Putnik

Participating artists: Dušica Dražić (http://www.dusicadrazic.com), Igor Grubić, Dejan Habicht, Siniša Labrović, Tanja Lažetić (http://www.lazetic.si)

Acknowledgements: Dejan Habicht, Janez Kramžar, Tanja Lažetić, Borko Radešček, Martina Vovk

Design: Oleg Šuran


Project partners: SF:ius – Socijalni rub: zanimljive neispričane priče (Zagreb), Grupa arhitekata (Belgrade), Moderna galerija MG+MSUM (Ljubljana), Historijski muzej BiH (Sarajevo)


Siniša Labrović with an icon in front of Moden Gallery, Ljubljana. Photo credits: Dejan Habicht, MG

On Tuesday, 14 June 2016, a group of artists from the Center of Activities Fužine, went on a pilgrimage from Pregl’s Square in Fužine, Ljubljana, to the Museum of Modern Art (Moderna galerija). Their intention was to visit U3, the 8th Triennial of Contemporary Art. Their route was as follows: Pot na Fužine – Ulica Mire Miheličeve – Kajuhova ulica – Ob Ljubljanici – Poljanski nasip – Kopitarjeva ulica – Petkovškovo nabrežje – Tromostovje – Čopova ulica – Cankarjeva ulica – Moderna galerija. On their way, they visited Marija Strnad’s exhibition at the University Medical Center and the Dobra vaga gallery under Jožef Plečnik’s arcades on the main market. The artists that participated in the pilgrimage express themselves using different artistic forms: watercolor, acrylic, mosaic, Idrian lace, ceramic, performance art, music… Every artist took with him or her one of his or her own artworks. The artists arrived at the Moderna galerija at 11:45. People were asked to greet and support them, and to even join them.

The pilgrimage was organized by the famous Croatian artist Siniša Labrović. The action Pilgrimage Towards Contemporary Art took place as a part of the exhibition On Revolution’s Roads: Memorial Tourism in Socialist Yugoslavia, within the frame of the international project Inappropriate Monuments. On this occasion, Siniša Labrović presented to the curator of the Moderna galerija, Mr. Marko Jenko, PhD, the video documentation of his action Bandaging the Wounded (Sinj, 2000). The exhibition will open in the Moderna galerija on Museum Summer Night, 18 June 2016.