Workshop in Skopje, Macedonia

Leftist movement Solidarnost is opening the call for participation for a three day long workshop for production of design of souvenirs, posters, t-shirts, badges, jewelry and other promotional material of the monumental heritage in Macedonia from the period of National Liberation Struggle. The aim of the workshop is to raise awareness about the artistic, cultural, and social benefits of this forsaken heritage of ours and the possibilities for creative dialogue with this legacy.

The workshop will be held on 16 and 17 of September in the Social center Dunja, and a day earlier on 15th we will organize a visit to few selected monuments in Skopje, the Necropolis in Velese, the Necropolis of undefeated in Prilep and the Museum of NLS and the Macedonium in Kruševo. The workshop will be run by Dafina Dzeparoska, Nita Mucha, and Zoran Kardula.

At 19.00 on 17 September a round table will be held titled “In-appropriate monuments – what to do with the socialist heritage?” and a presentation of the produced designs from the workshop.

Leftist movement Solidarnost will additionally organize a promotional exhibition of the realised designs and will promote them at the events organized at their premises that are shared with the Social center Dunja. Also, in cooperation with their partners SF-ius, Zagreb, Croatia, Group of Architects, Belgrade, Serbia, Historical Museum of BH, Sarajevo, BH and the Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana, Slovenia that are partners in the platform Inappropriate Monuments will promote the results from the workshop and the realized products and designs outside our borders.

The number of participants is limited to 15. We encourage interested independent artists, designers, manufacturers of handmade products and students to enrol at this thematic workshop. Participants will bear no costs and there is no fee charged for the participation. The deadline for registering for the tour of the monuments and the workshop is by 8 September. The invitations for participation will be delivered by 10 September. Please, send your short motivational letter and short bio with your basic info at the following e-mail address:

The workshop is financed by the Allianz Cultural Foundation (Allianz Kulturstiftung).