Memorialization of Ustashi camps

Workshop MEMORIALIZATION OF USTASHI CAMPS – lectures schedule
Location: Multimedial institute MaMa, Preradovićeva 18, Zagreb

18-19h – Josip Jagić: „Historical introduction to PLS“
19-20h – SF:ius team: „Introduction to social memory theories“

18-19h – Josipa Lulić: „Picture, memory and cognition – several guidelines“
19-20h – Helena Stublić: „Museum practices and memorial collections“

18-20h – Presentation of Lipa Pamti [Lipa Remembers] memorial centre: Vana Gović, Antun Sevšek i Damir Gamulin

17:30-18:30h – SF:ius tim: „PLS commemorative practices in SFRY“
18:30-19:30h – Iva Grubiša: „Oral history methods introduction: how to conduct an interview“

18-20h – (program to be confirmed)

The lecture program is free and open to the public. The workshop is supported by Kultura nova Foundation.